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Posted By on May 6, 2009


Poems for the Lover

I Dreamt I Heard My Lover Call My Name 

I dreamt I heard my lover call my name
She sang to me
Her voice enchanting
Even the wind stopped to listen 

I want to know your mother
I want to know your children
Tell me of your journey
Of your days without me
My mariner
My highwayman
My soul’s soul 

I wait
I wait for you always
While you search the vastness of creation
For me 

On Heaving Breasts 

On heaving breasts I penetrate the body of the night
The vastness surges in my throbbing veins
And I enter the emptiness that is the ocean 

Craving ceases on my ebbing breath
Waves peak in a bottomless pit
The valley reveals a mountain 

And I who was alone become you
Because the night has said it must be so
Blessed joining anointed by the oceans touch

Rising in me cresting in you
Our only curse the dawn
That draws you from my aching flesh 

As the turning tide draws itself from the shore
Bearing its tortured soul to the searing sun
Offering only waiting as a balm 


Answers are the fruit of questions
Hanging on the others every word
Tasting itself
My mother sees her depths in me 

Stillness posed a question
Creation exploded in reply
Shattering silence
In the face of itself 

A longing in the deepest part of me
Aches for a lovers’ touch
The ancient hand that held me
Before silence spilled my name 

Consumed by Your Gravity 

Consumed by your gravity
Vanishing into the furnace
Of your harlot soul 

Explode into my searching
Transfuse me with your magma
Drug my naked night 

Your smell your taste your sound
Your glistening galaxy
Your milky way 

At your painted feet I lay my garland
On your bleeding thorn I pierce my soul
To your pulsing blood I beat my heart 

My every sinew craves to melt into you
My flesh your flesh
My existence yours 


Ships that should have passed silently in the night
Blind to each other
Seeing only a journeys end
Flung together by trade wind and tide
Finding safe refuge within each other
Becoming harbours, sanctuary, friends, lovers
A moment’s freedom, storm bound from journeys that waited 

The fruits of that island haven were divine
The natives drank freely of an enchanted brew
A nectar that raised the weary mariners soul
Causing it to soar
To see what should not have been seen
To know what should not have been known
And to taste, only to taste, was enough 

Storms pass and tides rise as they will
And vessels, knowing vessels bade adieu
With wordless eyes that spoke, and sang, and kissed
Flesh may decay, and old ships fade into the night
But memories, not even the gods can steal memories away 

I’ve journeyed far
The seas are as they will be
What is it to me, I go and do as I am called
But once a storm and tide decreed
That I should find safe harbour
I thank the sea for that 

We took but never asked
We gave but never wanted
Souls weary for touching, reaching out
And surely in that blessed moment
A light that was not the sun
Split the darkness of the very storm
That had caused their aching souls to touch 

Hatred is a River 

Hatred is a river that flows back to itself
Misery loves the friendship of misery
Bile revels in bile 

A man though he believes himself to be
The fullness that he is
Is nothing if not the emptiness that he is not

Hatred bile love joy
Believe as you will
Make your choice
As you must
And in that instant
You are 

An ocean of hatred transformed to joy
On the turning tide of a thought
A dank dirty morning
Smitten by a rising sun
A nightmare awoken into a dream 



Man and woman fall into each other
They are the sublimeness’es of symmetry
Is not their very reason perfection
Their purpose to fill each others spaces
Could stardust ever be wrong
Could everything ever be right 

Fly away with me to the oceans oozing valley
There we’ll set up camp and make a stand
Till the water turns to ecstasy at our touch
And the rivers run divine from our joining
Then from within the roar of raptures raging rapids
Surely the dream must come to calls its children home 

I Am Lost 

I am lost within the fog I dream
I don’t know who I am
I crave a meaning
I search for a home
I feel somewhere deep
That there’s more 

I want to love
To offer my soul
To touch the hidden depths of you
With the deepest depths of me
Let our waters mingle
And we are an ocean
Our souls entwined wringing out time 

What’s left when all the dreaming done
What’s to want when every crevice is filled
I wait until forever for your tongue to spill my name
To hold you to become you
To burn away the darkness
With the fire in your blood
My atomic queen of fusion
My dream my north star lover 

The very yearning at the core of me
Is your name
The oozing passion that drowns me
Is your thought
The dream I follow in mortal flesh
Is your smell
All my eternity craves is you 

I Cross the Eons 

I cross the eons eagerly
No doubt nor tempest touch my searching soul
My hungry heart trudges through what might come
Regardless of price I dare not falter
For ever within an ancient knowing soars
And tells of you
Who waits in timeless waiting
For me 

And then on the briefest glance
The reason for it all
That precious moment
When two souls reach out and touch
And in their union
The earth shudders
And the heavens sing 

It is a High Thing 

It is a high thing and it fills me
And I’m brimming
Exalted, a clearness beyond clearness
Diamond ice, tensile, the sword of a god
Untouched by flesh or mortal curse
Trampling mere desires beneath foot
The dream of an ancient dreamer
An arctic river flowing on the surface of the sun
A surging that would burst a heart
A song to draw tears from a desert
Virtue amongst virtue, standing alone and tall
Plain, vacant, oozing
Incessant, exploding, lava, volcanic
Resting I’m a glazier
And I’m laughing; I’m crying, elation
My god has filled me
He has possessed me
I am his harlot
My every sinew craves
Take me, fill me, own me
Like stars in the night
I envy the place where he lies
Like a dream that’s been dreamt
I reach out to remember
Ancient oneness before I fell to flesh
My heart aches in the sweetness of surrender
Bursting from a glimpse
Filled so filled
Could this be whole 


Life the cusp of a beginning
Dreaming of a future
And lamenting its passing
Reaching out but never touching 

And you my beauty
My soul child
The price I pay
My safe depth
The straw I grasp
What of you 

Will you stand by me when darkness calls
Will you hold me and smile that smile
Will you say I was your dream
Did I reach out
Did we touch 

What Creatures Lurks 

What creature dwells below the depths
of pleasures raging sea
below the dream I rig and sail
to eternity 

What creature lurks in the tall grass
and stalks the light of day
devouring raw my every thought
bidding the price I pay 

What creature lies below the soil
I till and plant with hope
the precious seedling bound to life
by brittle fraying rope 

What creature knows the depths of me
the dark unyielding sea
the ancient taste of harlot flesh
forbidden ecstasy 


When I Die 

When I die
I’m going to look up
Emily Dickinson
I really want to know
If she’s still nobody
And if this is just a crush 

And Maura O’ Halloran
Although I should have met her in life
We trod the same Dublin streets
Perhaps we passed unnoticed
I believe she was a hippie
Or maybe we exchanged glances
I was handsome then
Souls reaching out on passing eyes
Eternity in the moments kiss 

My nights are haunted by dead women
A ménage a trios a ship of fools
The dot of nothingness that I call me
Emily the harlot in my searching soul
And Maura the soaring at my oceans depth (more…)